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  • What is Flexi Recharge?
    E-Topup is when you can recharge your pre-paid mobile without the need of a pin or a scratch card. It is available online upon paying for the recharge value. Your mobile get the requisite topup from the service provider.
  • What is the difference between a recharge and topup ?
    Recharge is when you extending the validity on the card depending on the validity coupon and also give you talk time. Whereas, Top up is when u still have validity but no money to use. The top up recharge has no validity and the original validity remains.

    Dezire Money provides both recharge as well as topup.
  • How do i recharge my pre-paid mobile/DTH service ?
    In order to recharge your pre-paid mobile/DTH service, you need to register with Dezire Money first. Registration is a simple process, you just need to fill a small form providing us with your name, address, contact number and email-id. As soon as you have successfully completed this procedure, you can proceed to recharge your pre-paid mobile and DTH services.
  • Can I edit my personal information ?
    Yes, you can. You can login to your account at any point in time and edit any of the information in the personal details section. You can also change your email id and password.
  • I did a successful transaction, my card was charged/account debited, but i got an “Invalid Transaction” status. Why did that happen ?
    You will get “Invalid Transaction” error for the following reasons:

    1. Mobile number/DTH subscriber Id is incorrect.
    2. Recharge denomination entered is incorrect.
    3. If you have recently ported and the change has not happened in the database of the service provider.
    4. The service provider is temporarily unavailable for some technical error.

    In the above circumstances, your card will get changed or amount will be debited from your account, however the recharge will not be successful. Dezire Money is automated as far as unsuccessful transaction happens. As soon as your transaction is unsuccessful at the service provider end, we will instantly refund the money to your account. The money will get credited to you account within 5/7 business working days.
  • What happens if i do not receive a recharge or confirmation SMS ?
    Once your transaction is successful and you do not receive a recharge or confirmation sms, please check your account balance ie., talk time/viewing limit of your mobile/DTH service. If the account balance does not increase, please contact your service provider with the transaction id provided on your email or contact us through the contact us page with the details of mobile number, time & date of recharge, recharge amount & the transaction id and we will get back to you.
  • Whom should I contact in case of any tariff related problems ?
    In case of any tariff related problems, please contact your respective service provider on their customer care number.
  • How to claim for the refund in case of an unsuccessful transaction ?
    Refund is an automated process on Dezire Money. As soon as your transaction is unsuccessful from the service provider end for whatever reasons, the amount gets automatically refunded from our panel. The banks usually take 5/7 business working days to refund the amount into your account.
  • How soon can i recharge again once a recharge fails at the service provider end ?
    If your mobile recharge fails at a service provider end for any reasons whatsoever, we request you to wait for half an hour before attempting to recharge again.
  • What happens if the recharge denomination entered by me is incorrect? My account is debited but the transaction has failed. Do I get a refund?
    Please note that before recharging your mobile, make sure you know the correct recharge denomination. Please read the content that appears in the recharge column in your "My Account" section which is as under.

    • Please enter a valid MRP/Recharge amount.
    • Please check the Recharge Plans with your service provider. We do not take any responsibility in case the MRP/Recharge amount is wrongly inserted.
    • Please note that you can recharge this mobile no. only 2 times in one calendar day starting from 12 AM.
    • Kindly do not recharge the same mobile no with the same MRP/recharge value within 5 minutes of a transaction. In such scenario, kindly use a different MRP/recharge value.
    • For details on tariff plan and recharge value, please contact your operator.

    If however your transaction fails due to incorrect recharge amount, our system automatically refunds the money to you and you should receive the same into your account within 5/7 business working days.

  • Whom to contact if I don't get my refund for unsuccessful transaction?
    You can contact our helpdesk by sending a mail to us on
  • I've a question that isn't answered on this page. What do I do now?
    Kindly mark a mail to us with your query on and we will be happy to be of assistance to you.
  • Can I check the status of all my transactions in my account?
    In order to know the status of your transaction kindly log in to your Account and click on the Transaction History tab. In this panel you can check the status of each and every successful as well as unsuccessful transactions with details as to why your transactions failed.